An age of Austerity- Why? Check out this book by Stephanie Kelton

Posted by Robert Gilbert on

This review is a little different, as its our first about an interesting and thought provoking book that I've recently read from Stephanie Kelton who is a professor of economics and public policy and an author.

Particularly if like me you do wonder, whether there is the possibility of an economic reset button when austerity measures are wheeled out in the political arena and governments, with a sovereign currency inform the general public and themselves, that central government has to run in the same manner as a household budget. When maybe it doesn't really have to be that way?

We found the book is an easy read, without too much technical jargon for the non-economically minded amongst you. It runs through the theory of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) which seems to be gaining pace in the world as a credible economic theory right now.

"The Defecit Myth" is suitable for those interested in economics or politics or for those who just wonder why the public are faced to live under austerity measures and are they really necessary in the modern world today.

Our Rating 9/10 

This though provoking book is available now at Amazon-check it out here #financeandeconomy #StephanieKelton #thedefecitmyth