Alola- Wooden Lattice Planter

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Alola- Wooden Lattice Planter- Made from natural fir, this crafted wooden lattice planter is ideal for your favourite flowering vines and matches your gardening prowess and eye for good design.


Made from natural weather-resistant and durable fir, this is a great addition to any garden providing a beautiful haven for climbing vines. The lattice offers perfect support your climbing plants and a drain in the base allows the water to drain easily away without damaging your plant's roots. The spacious flower box can hold a variety of plants as well as climbers allowing you to form a delightful display. The exterior design is tasteful and it is ideal for gardens, decks, patios or even balconies.

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    • The Alola planter has a spacious box for your plants
    • Easy to assemble by following the instructions included.
    • Suitable for any outdoor space to suit your planting requirements
    • The trellis offers excellent support for climbing plants
    • Good load capacity allows more plants to be suspended
    • Creates a beautiful backdrop to any patio, deck or balcony, or house elevation
    • A drainage hole prevents roots from damage allowing healthy drainage and encourages growth.
    • Designed for outside use
    • 100% solid natural fir wood for stability and durability
    • Colour: Dark brown
    • Material: Fir
    • Net weight: 5 kg
    • Product dimensions: 65cm x 28cm x 120cm (Lx W xH)
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Planter with trellis
    • 1 x Instructions