Baby Kids Cartoon Bear fun Bathing Cup- Alola

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This great BPA free bath time accessory for your treasured little person will help to reduce those bath time tears and help to make bathing a fun experience for you and your youngsters, the plastic shampoo cup will be ideal for rinsing the lather from your child's head, be careful not to get that foam into baby's eyes otherwise you may have more waterworks to contend with. This item also doubles as a toy with lots of ways to play and learn, pour, stack and float.  

Parents can use as a rinse cup

Dishwasher safe

Suitable for ages 6 months plus

Innovative patent pending bath rinser

Interior ridges create an even pour

Soft lip cushions baby’s head

Stands up when not in use or hangs by handle to dry

BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free


Package included: 

1* Shampoo Cup