Hand Forged Quad Candle Holder-Alola

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The Hand Forged Quad Table Candle Holder- Alola is a great way to dress a table with finesse. When in use the candles always give a lovely ambient feel to any room, however, as a stand alone centre piece this table centre is guaranteed to get everyones attention for the right reasons. This beautiful tangle of steel has been individually hand crafted in a Scottish forge, the steel is heated and then crafted into this intricate design. Once cooled the metal is given a highly polished finish which is then protected with a clear lacquer. A great example of British craftsmanship at it's best. Please note that this piece is not supplied with candles. FREE UK SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM 


Technical Information
Product Code J3625
Length 47cm
Width 37cm
Diameter of Base for Candles 13cm