Hand Sanitiser- WHO formula- 5 Litre

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Our Alola World-5 litre hand sanitiser is our most popular large size. It is light enough for staff to carry around and fill dispensers, and has a large enough volume to last a long time. Available with a screw top as standard, but you can also fit a 38mm pump (Not included) to assist with dispensing if required.

- liquid rub or spray.
- 80% Alcohol content effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria.
- WHO formula, no water or rinse required.
- Made in the UK.
- Weight 5kg
- Bottle Height 284mm, Width 180mm, Length 130mm

This product is not for human consumption.

A flammable product which should be stored in a location that cannot be accessed by children.

gender: ladies/mens/unisex

identifier exists: no


mpn: HSAN_5L